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Happy Space

June 18, 2024
June 18, 2024 Jennifer Doran

Happy Space

As we wind up attracting positive energy, I’m going to take a step sideways because everything is connected.  Clearing your space, decluttering can do amazing things. We all have things that we haven’t looked at, used or touched in forever. Some of these things might have sentimental value, but most just take up space. Decluttering also holds hands with Feng Shui.  Feng Shui uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

Decluttering spiritually involves removing negative and stagnant energy from your life by letting go of items that no longer serve your highest good. This process creates space for positivity and opens up physical space in your home, allowing items that support your journey to take their rightful place.

Every object in your home carries an energy signature—positive, neutral, or negative. Decluttering amplifies positive energy by focusing on items that bring joy and efficiency while removing those that hold negative memories or have outlived their usefulness.

Keeping items that remind you of happy times and have served you well fosters a sense of satisfaction. On the other hand, holding onto things that evoke painful memories can trigger negative emotions, forcing you to relive past chapters that are better left closed.

Releasing items that no longer support your current life can enhance your spiritual well-being. This practice is often emphasized in spiritual readings, highlighting its importance in maintaining a positive and uplifting environment.