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Be Kind to Yourself (Part II)

January 30, 2024
January 30, 2024 Jennifer Doran

Be Kind to Yourself (Part II)

Last week I touched on being kind to yourself.  I’m going to share some things that you can try to achieve this. Try one. I’ll add more next week.

Cultivate Nurturing Daily Routines:
The seemingly small choices you make each day wield the power to foster substantial transformations in your life. While dedicating extensive hours or a whole weekend solely to yourself may seem impractical, integrating self-care and kindness into your daily routine doesn’t require such grand gestures. Develop healthy habits for your morning and evening rituals, dietary choices, exercise routines, and home maintenance. Allocate regular moments for self-reflection, engage in activities you love daily, and carve out pockets of calmness amid your hectic schedule.

Embrace a Gratitude Practice:
Instilling a regular gratitude routine has the profound ability to reshape your perspective on life. It prompts you to decelerate and appreciate what you currently possess, resisting the urge to constantly pursue more or different experiences. Acknowledge and take pride in your accomplishments, recognizing that your life’s trajectory has led you to this precise moment. Perhaps, you are exactly where you need to be.

Harness the Power of Compassionate Language:
Pay careful attention to the words and tone you employ when communicating with yourself. Notice how your self-talk may be more critical and harsh compared to how you speak to your children or partner. Challenge the notion that it’s acceptable to address yourself negatively and consider how such an approach affects your ability to bring out the best in yourself. Embrace a supportive, encouraging, and loving internal dialogue, recognizing that firmness can coexist with kindness.

Practice Mindfulness and Presence:
In the past, self-care took a backseat in my life as I prioritized the needs of others, constantly rushing through life. Even when I did carve out moments for myself, my mind remained preoccupied with future tasks or pending emails. Shifting towards mindfulness and cultivating a heightened sense of presence became pivotal. Grant yourself the permission to fully immerse in moments of self-care, untethered from other obligations or distractions. Be physically and mentally present, savoring the time and space you create for yourself.