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Cats and Egypt

November 22, 2023
November 22, 2023 Jennifer Doran

Cats and Egypt

The ancient Egyptians held a profound reverence for cats, viewing them as divine emissaries of the gods. Among these revered feline deities, Bastet stands out as the most widely recognized in Egypt. Tasked with safeguarding homes from malevolent spirits, Bastet also served as the guardian of women’s secrets, fertility, and domestic harmony.

In the sacred realm of Ancient Egypt, departed cats were accorded a unique ritual—they were mummified and interred in tombs alongside their human companions. A testament to this deep-seated reverence emerged in 2018 with the discovery of a 4,500-year-old tomb adorned with resplendent feline statues.

The veneration of cats transcends epochs, echoing through time to the present day. Beyond mere companionship, cats enrich our lives with love and playful energy. Their presence also offers a practical dimension, acting as a deterrent to rodents and securing our material well-being.

Recent studies have affirmed what cat enthusiasts have long intuited: cats forge genuine emotional bonds with their human counterparts. Even in the afterlife, this connection endures, manifesting in various spiritual forms.

Cat spirits, intricately woven into the tapestry of existence, can reveal their presence through nuanced energies. These ethereal manifestations include a sensed presence, with cat-shaped spirits often observed curled up at the feet of those attuned to their energy. The lingering impression of a feline companion in bed may also be a poignant afterimage.

The cycle of life intertwines with the spiritual realm, as cat spirits may choose to reincarnate through new kittens or other animal companions. The familiar traits and quirks of a beloved cat may resurface in the personality of a new feline friend, creating a profound sense of continuity.

For those seeking guidance and wisdom, cat spirits can be invoked during meditation. Much like calling upon angels or spirit guides, one can beckon the energy of cat spirits to serve as totems or conduits for the wisdom of departed loved ones. In this timeless dance between humans and cats, the spiritual connection endures, transcending the boundaries of mortality.