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December 14, 2023 Jennifer Doran

Find Tranquility

Last week I touched on connecting to your higher self, your divine energy. Here a few other things that you can try to help reach that goal.

Step 1: Find Tranquility

Begin by settling into a calm, serene space. Dedicate this time to connect with your Divine Self, open yourself to its positive energy, love, and inspiration. Recognize that this process transcends the confines of the mind and the physical body. Minimize distractions and understand that the initial connection might not be immediately apparent. Rest assured that your intention and receptivity suffice to establish a link with your Higher Self.

Step 2: Release Negative Thoughts

Release any negative energy or thought patterns. Envision yourself as infinite intelligence, unconditional love, and boundless wisdom, perceiving the world through the lens of pure awareness. Cultivate a moment of inner stillness, letting go of thoughts about the external world. Request your Divine Self to draw you within and reinforce the connection. Intend to release any thoughts or beliefs obstructing this connection or hindering the reception of its gifts.

Step 3: Speak to Your Divine Self

Engage with your Divine Self by seeking divine guidance, insights, or answers. This can be expressed aloud or in the quiet recesses of your mind. In the silence, your Higher Self communicates and imparts its wisdom, power, and love. Allow the voice of your higher self to be your spiritual guide, influencing you in profound ways. Observe the new thoughts that arise after these silent moments, knowing that connecting with your Divine Self brings power, self-love, wisdom, guidance, abundance, spiritual growth, and intelligence.

Step 4: Embrace Receptivity

Remain open and receptive after this communion. Be attuned to any inner messages, which may manifest as energy, peace, inner knowing, answers, or a profound breath. Recognize that even if there is no discernible response, contact has been established through your intention. Trust that insights, energy, or inspiration received will unfold at the perfect time. This meditation need not be time-consuming; short, frequent sessions throughout the day can be highly effective. Pause briefly during a hectic day to quiet your mind, seek energy or guidance, and deepen your connection with your Divine Self.