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Judgement Tarot Card

February 16, 2024 Jennifer Doran

Judgement Tarot Card

Upright Meaning Guide:

Judgement Tarot Card Key Meanings:

Judgement: Self-evaluation, awakening, renewal.

Composure: Clarity, calmness, self-awareness.

Decisiveness: Positive decision-making, learning from past experiences.

Homesickness: Nostalgia, emotional longing.

Snap Judgements: Hasty assessments, avoiding premature conclusions.

Apportioning Blame: Fair assessment, accountability.

Forgiveness: Healing, letting go of grudges.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright):

The Judgement Tarot card suggests that you or someone you care about might be facing harsh judgment from others. Reflect on your own tendency to judge or make snap decisions. Alternatively, it signifies achieving clarity and composure, allowing you to calmly evaluate choices and make positive decisions. Having learned from past karmic lessons, you are on a path of self-awareness and healing, moving forward positively. When making significant decisions, draw upon past lessons for guidance. In legal matters, honesty is crucial for a favorable resolution. Reunion with a loved one separated by distance is indicated, overcoming homesickness.

Reversed Meaning Guide:

Judgement Reversed Tarot Card Key Meanings:

Indecisiveness: Hesitation, fear of making choices.

Self-Doubt: Lack of confidence, undermining personal potential.

Malicious Gossip: Spreading harmful rumors, avoiding negativity.

Lack of Self-Awareness: Ignoring personal growth, avoiding introspection.

Unwillingness to Learn Karmic Lessons: Resisting personal development, repeating mistakes.

Unfair Blame: Unjust accusations, deflecting responsibility.

False Accusations: Wrongful charges, facing baseless blame.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Reversed):

The Judgement card reversed suggests fear and self-doubt hindering decision-making. Take action promptly to avoid missed opportunities. Refusing to learn from past mistakes may lead to stagnation. Avoid self-reproach to see lessons clearly. Guard against being overly critical or engaging in gossip, focusing on personal growth instead. Rise above unfair judgment from others, staying true to your goals. In legal matters, be cautious, as resolutions may be unjust. Stand firm against false accusations, maintaining integrity.