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Self Love Mantras

May 21, 2024
May 21, 2024 Jennifer Doran

Self Love Mantras

So, while I’m talking about attracting positive energy, self-love is so important. If you don’t love yourself and accept yourself for who you are now and who you’re working to become, then you can’t extend that grace to others. It’s not an easy task, so here is an exercise that you can use to try to be mindful of yourself.

10 Powerful Mantras for Self-Love

Show yourself some self-compassion with the following mantras and affirmations.

  1. I love myself.
    I am a beautiful, unique spirit. There is no one else quite like me.
  2. I am worthy of love.
    As a creature on this earth, I am worthy of being loved and cherished by others. My worth is untarnished by my imperfections or the way others see me.
  3. I am worthy of good things.
    It is ok to want the best for myself and to pursue the things that bring me joy and happiness.
  4. I can choose positive thoughts.
    I understand the power of my self-talk and choose to select thoughts that are uplifting and positive.
  5. I let my happiness be visible to others.
    My happiness overflows from me. I can use my happiness to bring joy to others.
  6. I am strong.
    I have many strengths that I use to navigate the ups and downs of my life. I am tougher and braver than I look.
  7. I am beautiful.
    I am embracing my journey to self-acceptance and beauty. Every day, I am committed to nurturing and growing into the person I aspire to be.
  8. My life is moving forward perfectly.
    Each bump in the road is there for a reason. Everything is happening according to a greater plan.
  9. I am confident in my decisions.
    I am the creator of my own destiny. I stand behind the things I do and say.
  10. I surround myself with loving people.
    I can choose the people I allow in my life. I choose to surround myself with people who love and lift me up.

Over the next few weeks, choose one self-loving mantra and aim to incorporate it into your daily routine. Focus on one mantra each week, ideally practicing it when you wake up each day. Of course, if you don’t feel like one is providing you any benefits, feel free to switch up your daily affirmations or mantras. You will find that some of them are more fitting to your needs and personality, as your internal dialogue is unique to you. If you find something that works for you, it should only be a matter of days before you start feeling more confident and loved.