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Some Like it Hot

October 30, 2023
Posted in Chakras, Self
October 30, 2023 Jennifer Doran

Some Like it Hot

Some people like it hot, some people like it with goats, some people don’t like it at all.
Yes, I’m talking about Yoga.

Yoga, with its origins deeply rooted in esoteric and spiritual philosophies, has evolved over time. In the Western world, “yoga” has come to be associated with a modern form known as Hatha yoga, which emphasizes physical fitness, stress relief, and relaxation. This version primarily comprises asanas, or physical postures. This is a departure from the traditional understanding of yoga, which places more emphasis on meditation and the pursuit of detachment from worldly attachments.

Despite these variations, the ultimate objectives of yoga remain consistent: calming the mind, attaining profound insight, achieving a state of detached awareness, and ultimately, liberation. In the classical Astanga yoga system, the highest aim is to attain samadhi and exist in a state of pure awareness.

The Western interpretation of yoga largely centers around postural yoga. It involves physical activities in the form of asanas, often linked by smooth transitions. Breathing exercises are frequently incorporated, and sessions typically conclude with a period of relaxation or meditation. This variant is commonly referred to simply as “yoga.”