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October 4, 2023
Posted in Self, tea
October 4, 2023 Jennifer Doran


teaYou all know that I really do enjoy my coffee and this time of year I get to revel in my Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yum. Lately a few people have said, “Jennifer, What about tea? You never talk about the benefits of tea.” I thought what benefits? So I Googled it.

First, let’s begin by exploring the fascinating world of tea. Did you know that there are over 3000 distinct varieties of tea, each with its own set of distinctive characteristics? In contrast, coffee, while beloved by many, boasts only about 129 different species. Today, though, our focus is solely on the virtues of tea.

One of the remarkable aspects of tea is its potential to be a cornerstone of a healthy daily routine. It’s not just a delicious beverage; it’s also incredibly low in calories. Furthermore, black, green, oolong, and white teas are rich in compounds like flavan-3-ols, which have been associated with numerous benefits for heart health. There’s substantial scientific evidence suggesting that a diverse array of teas can fortify your immune system, combat inflammation, and even act as a shield against the development of cancer and heart disease.

With such a diverse tapestry of tea varieties to explore, each with its unique “tea Mojo,” I’m excited to dive into the intricacies of various teas in upcoming posts. Stay tuned for a journey through the world of tea that’s as rich and varied as the brews themselves.