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Temperance Tarot

January 5, 2024
January 5, 2024 Jennifer Doran

Temperance Tarot


Temperance Tarot Upright Key Meanings:
Balance, peace, patience, moderation, inner calm, perspective, tranquility, harmonious relationships, soulmates

General Interpretation (Upright):
The Temperance card, in its upright position, is a powerful symbol of balance, peace, and moderation. As a key member of the Major Arcana, it signifies that you have achieved a state of inner calm and gained a valuable perspective on various aspects of your life. This card is an indication that your relationships are characterized by harmony, and you’ve learned not to be drawn into unnecessary conflicts or let minor issues disrupt your equilibrium.

Adapting to situations with a clear mind and a calm heart, you navigate challenges while maintaining your balance. Temperance suggests that you have found a sense of peace and tranquility, experiencing contentment in your current state. This card reflects a deep connection with your true self, your values, and your moral compass. Consequently, you find it easier to identify your aspirations and set meaningful goals.


Temperance Reversed Key Meanings:
Imbalance, self-indulgence, excess, clashing, lack of perspective, discord, antagonism, recklessness, hastiness

General Interpretation (Reversed):

In a reversed position, Temperance takes on a different tone, warning of potential imbalance or overindulgence. This Major Arcana card serves as an indicator that hasty or reckless behavior may be affecting various areas of your life. It points to issues related to excessive and potentially harmful indulgences, such as drinking, drug use, gambling, overeating, or impulsive shopping.

The reversed Temperance card suggests that you may have lost touch with your inner calm and tranquility, leading you to seek gratification in risky and detrimental ways. Additionally, it may signify a lack of harmony in your relationships, potentially resulting in conflicts with those closest to you or becoming entangled in others’ drama. The warning extends to a potential lack of perspective, urging you to step back, assess your behavior, identify the root causes, and actively work toward resolution.