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The Angelic Virtues

December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023 Jennifer Doran

The Angelic Virtues

The VirtuesThis week, let’s delve into the realm of The Angelic Virtues, celestial beings with a distinct purpose in maintaining the cosmic order. Functioning as intermediaries between heavenly realms and the lower choirs of angels, The Angelic Virtues embody specific qualities such as grace, humility, and the dispensation of divine blessings.

Notably, The Virtues wield control over the elements, showcasing their influence as spirits of motion. Beyond their role in maintaining cosmic balance, they actively govern natural phenomena like storms and play a crucial part in facilitating miracles. Furthermore, they inspire and guide humans, encouraging the strengthening of faith in God.

Beneath the poetic veil of their extraordinary abilities lies the fundamental role of The Virtue Angels as regulators and overseers. Entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the proper functioning of the universe and its forces, they align their actions with the divine plan established by God.

While their interventions in the cosmic mechanism are rare, The Virtue Angels primarily function as angels of miracles. Their actions, however, are limited to those that align with natural laws, avoiding modifications reserved solely for the divine realm. While they cannot perform impossible feats like resurrection, they possess the ability to command the elements, bringing about tangible changes such as calming storms or ending droughts through rainfall.

In their celestial appearance, The Virtues don a resplendent bluish dress adorned with a golden belt. A radiant circle of gold envelops their head, with a brilliant star shining prominently above their forehead. True to their name, these angels personify virtue itself—a potent force that transcends the ethereal boundaries of the celestial realm.