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The Dominions

December 13, 2023
December 13, 2023 Jennifer Doran

The Dominions

The Dominions are a bit hard to peg, there is not a lot said about them.

The Dominions, placed within the second angelic hierarchy, constitute the fourth of the nine angelic choirs in Christian Angelology. Revered for their dominant qualities, they are entrusted with ensuring the fulfillment of the divine will across all celestial beings, aspiring to true sovereignty.

These celestial beings play a pivotal role in awakening the strength within humanity, empowering individuals to overcome internal adversaries. Among them, Tsadkiel, the Prince of this category, stands as a beacon in times of crisis and diverse processes. Renowned as the prince of prophecy and inspiration, Tsadkiel brings transformative ideas to fruition, guiding the vulnerable and disheartened towards their objectives.

Acknowledged by St. Paul in the list of supernatural powers subjected to Jesus Christ, the Dominions exemplify power and authority over the entire creation.

Functioning as healers, these angels are dedicated to assisting individuals in attaining mastery over their passions, thereby achieving equilibrium within themselves. In matters of health, especially related to the heart, they actively contribute by facilitating the regulation of cardiac functions.

Their divine mission extends to the transmission of knowledge and techniques essential for healing, encompassing humans, the Earth, and all living beings across the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. In health-related predicaments, the Dominions readily extend their assistance.

Beyond their healing endeavors, the Dominions are patrons of hospitals and places of meditation. They foster the development of divine ideas and encourage the pursuit of knowledge and techniques essential for healing. In their celestial governance, they uplift and enhance various facets of existence, including beauty, music, education, art, love, and wisdom. The Angels of the Dominions thus stand as celestial stewards, harmonizing the celestial realm and guiding humanity towards spiritual and creative fulfillment.