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The Principalities

November 24, 2023
November 24, 2023 Jennifer Doran

The Principalities

The Principalities serve as guiding forces for leaders across various realms, including nations, governments, religious institutions, and modern organizations, ensuring the manifestation of God’s work on Earth through spiritual leadership. Positioned at the summit of celestial messengers, the Principalities, residing in the third sphere, play a pivotal role as intermediaries between the divine and the human realm.

The celestial messengers, encompassing Principalities, Archangels, and Angels, form the lowest order of Angels. Principalities, ranking above Archangels, hold the seventh position among the nine orders of angels. This unique status places them in close proximity to the human realm, allowing them to exert a tangible influence on the material plane and engage directly with people on Earth.

While Archangels shield individuals, Principalities take on the responsibility of guiding the collective body of humanity, offering counsel to leaders overseeing large groups and steering mass cultural movements. Their primary mission is to facilitate the discovery of wisdom, especially concerning leadership and responsibility. By encouraging, guiding, and channeling innovative ideas to those in positions of authority, Principalities play a crucial role in providing insight to leaders facing challenges and uncertainty.

These angelic beings transcend borders, assisting nations, religions, cultures, and countries. Their overarching objective is to foster harmony, balance, and peace among Earth’s inhabitants. Working from the top down, they collaborate with influential figures, inspiring decisions rooted in goodwill and directing leaders toward methods that serve the greater good.

Principalities engage with individuals overseeing others, imparting the wisdom of balanced, open-minded, and fair leadership. Their energy serves as an antidote to harsh, authoritarian leadership styles, guiding people to exercise power in ways that uplift and promote collective healing, evolution, and growth.

As the highest order of celestial messengers, Principalities maintain a close connection to the next sphere of angels. To ensure seamless continuity within the angelic hierarchy, they collaborate with second-sphere angels (Dominions, Virtues, and Powers), acting as a bridge to the material world. Through this harmonious collaboration, the Principalities contribute to the celestial orchestration that seeks to uplift humanity and bridge the divine with the earthly.