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Ways to Meet Your Spirit Guides

June 27, 2024 Jennifer Doran

Ways to Meet Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are spiritual beings assigned to us before our birth to assist with our soul’s journey and ascension during this lifetime. Their goal is to help us live our best life, and because of this, they know us exceptionally well. Becoming aware of this invisible support can be the first step towards meeting and identifying these guides. Knowing who is guiding you in the Spirit World can help you feel more comfortable with the spiritual guidance you receive, making you more likely to follow it.

If you’re receiving spiritual guidance, now is a great time to start meeting those from whom this information comes. Here are some ways to connect with your Spirit Guides:

Ways to Meet Your Spirit Guides

Meet Your Spirit Guides in a Lucid Dream

One of the easiest ways to meet your Spirit Guides is through dreamwork, either consciously in meditation or unconsciously through a dream. Cultivating a restful evening routine can make for a more productive dreamscape. Set the intent to have your Spirit Guides reveal themselves in a dream before going to bed. A lucid dream with your guides often feels more vivid than a regular dream and can be directed to some degree.

Prayer to Connect with Spirit Guides

Saying a mantra or setting an intention can open up communication with your Spirit Guides through a verbal invocation. This process calls down a channel of light. Use a prayer for mediumship or create your own, placing your hands palm-up on your lap and calling down your Spirit Guides. Many people find that when their guides are present, their heart area feels more relaxed and open.

Connect with Spirit Guides in Meditation

Meditation is another effective way to connect with your Spirit Guides. Follow these steps:

Sit comfortably and take several deep breaths.

Place your feet hip-width apart and let your shoulders relax.

Visualize a channel of light beaming down from above.

Imagine a figure appearing in this light. Who is it? You may receive a name or see a symbol. What do you see?

Once complete, bring your attention back to your body and ask for a sign of confirmation from your Spirit Guide.