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Wrapping Up The Hierarchy of Angels

January 16, 2024
January 16, 2024 Jennifer Doran

Wrapping Up The Hierarchy of Angels

We’ve spent the last 9 weeks diving into the Hierarchy of Angels.
What it made me realize is that is that Angels are far different then I thought.
I thought that an Angel was an Angel.
I didn’t know that there are different angels for different tasks. I didn’t know that Cherubs
weren’t the pudgy boy Angels you see in paintings. I didn’t know that many of the depictions of Angels came from Zoroastrianism. For me, it was a deep dive down a rabbit hole with so many more things left to explore. Below is a quick recap of the Angels in the Christian faith from top to bottom.

The hierarchy of angels is a concept found in various religious traditions, most notably in Christianity. The hierarchy is often based on different levels of authority and proximity to the divine. Keep in mind that interpretations may vary among different religious denominations. In Christianity, the traditional hierarchy of angels is often classified into several orders or choirs. Here is a general outline:

Seraphim: Considered the highest order of angels, Seraphim are described as having six wings and are closest to God. They are associated with divine love and worship.

Cherubim: Often depicted as winged creatures with multiple faces, Cherubim are associated with wisdom and knowledge. They are often portrayed as guardians of sacred spaces.

Thrones: Thrones are associated with divine justice and authority. They serve as a link between God and lower angels, conveying God’s will to the lower orders.

Dominions: Dominions are believed to regulate the duties of lower angels and ensure that God’s orders are carried out. They are associated with leadership and governance.

Virtues: Virtues are associated with grace and blessings. They are often considered the miracle-workers among the angelic hierarchy.

Powers: Powers are believed to be warriors against evil forces. They work to maintain the cosmic order and protect the world from demonic influences.

Principalities: Principalities are thought to oversee groups of angels and nations. They guide and protect communities and are associated with the earthly realm.

Archangels: Archangels are messengers of God who are often sent on important missions. In some traditions, specific archangels, such as Michael and Gabriel, are named.

Angels: The lowest order in the hierarchy, angels are messengers and servants of God. They are often involved in carrying out specific tasks on Earth.